Just Breathe: Herbal Balm
Just Breathe: Herbal Balm
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Just Breathe: Herbal Balm

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This unique vapor rub is created from three powerful decongesting and lung supporting botanicals: christmas berry, eucalyptus & white turmeric. These three work together to create a vibrant & soothing balm to help ease cough and congestion. 

Apply to chest, temples, inside of wrists and/or backs of knees. 

sold in 1/2 oz. tin

INGREDIENTS: organic sunflower oil infused with *white turmeric (Curcuma zedoaria), **bees wax, **christmas berry (Ardisia crenata) essential oil, **eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulous) essential oil, vitamin e oil. 

*lovingly grown and processed on our family farm in Haiku, Maui
**made or wild harvested on Maui